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Season 10 | Event 41:

CHAT GPT: Prompt Engineering and Generative A.I.

Discussion points

  • Would life be simpler and easier without A.I.?

  • Will generative A.l. lead to the end of human creativity?

  • What are some potential ethical concerns surrounding the use of GPT-3 and other generative A.I.?

  • How can GPT-3 be used in different industries, such as healthcare or finance?

  • How does GPT-3 compare to other AI models in terms of accuracy and efficiency?

  • How can GPT-3 be used to create more personalized and engaging customer experiences?

  • What are some potential limitations of GPT-3 and how can they be addressed?

  • How can GPT-3 be used to improve natural language processing and understanding?

  • What are some potential applications for GPT-3 in the field of education?

  • How can we educate people about generative AI and its potential impact on society?

  • What does the future of generative AI look like, and how will it change the way we interact with technology and each other?

  • How can we guard against, bias and misinformation when using generative A.I.?

  • What new jobs and new industries will emerge as a result of the widespread use of generative A.I.?

  • Are there any privacy concerns about this technology?

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