Event 39: Deep Ecology and Biomimcry

Discussion points

  • Do you believe in “Animal Rights”? If so, to what extent?

  • What upsets you most about how our relationship with the planet and with natural ecosystems?

  • How can we bring about positive change and influence people to embrace a Deep Ecology mindset?

  • What strategies should Eco Warriors use to influence people and policies?

  • Do you see humans as stewards of planet earth? If so, how should we play our role?

  • Do you have any examples of what you do personally to live a sustainable life?

  • Does the general public understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint? If not, then how can fix it?

  • How can we educate the public about Deep Ecology?

  • What is the role of government in promoting Deep Ecology? What political policies and economic measures would you like to see put in place?

  • What is the role that technology and tech companies can play in helping us address the Sustainable Development Goals?

  • How are humans unique in the animal kingdom?

  • How are humans similar to other animals?

  • In what way is the biosphere a system?

  • Do you know of any people or organisations doing good things for the environment (in Dubai or elsewhere)?