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The Cafe Scientifique Network:

Cafe Scientifique Dubai is a free-to-attend social meetup group where we discuss the latest ideas in science, technology, innovation and the future. The aim is to talk science, but outside an academic setting.


The first Cafes Scientifique in the UK were held in Leeds in 1998. From there, science cafes gradually spread across the  UK and the rest of the world

Cafe Scientifique Dubai is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is a forum for debating science issues, not a shop window for science. We are committed to promoting public engagement with science and to making science accountable and accessible. 
Cafe Scientifique Dubai was established in 2013 by Rohan Roberts as a way to promote intellectual conversations in the city of Dubai and also create opportunities to meet interesting new people. 
What is Cafe Scientifique?

Cafe Scientifique is a forum or a social meet up group to discuss science, technology, innovation, and the future. They are informal and accessible. 

Who else will be there?

Cafe audiences are people who are interested in science. Anyone can participate; speakers are there to be questioned and talk about their work at all levels.


What happens at a Cafe Sci Dubai?

We start with a short introduction to the topic at hand  (usually about 20 minutes) . After this, there is a break to allow coffee to be refilled and conversations to start. This is followed by 30 min. of discussions, a brief science video, and 15 min. of Q & A.  

What subjects will be discussed? 

We cover a wide range of issues relating to science and technology including space exploration, de-extinction, neuroscience, exponential technologies, artificial intelligence, genetics, the metaverse, and much more. Details of previous events here.

I'm not a science buff, can I join?

Everyone's welcome and we positively welcome questions which begin "This might be a stupid question, but ..." These questions are invariably not stupid and often rather insightful.
Where, when, and how much?

​Cafe Sci Dubai meet-ups are free to attend and are usually held on a Saturday. They usually take place from 5:00pm-6:30pm.  Followed by a social from 7pm onwards. Details are posted on the events page and the Facebook page


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